About Advenica National Security

Advenica National Security delivers high assurance products as well as development projects to armed forces and government agencies in a number of countries. Our products have been well proven in highly operative environments, and are used for communication up to TOP SECRET.

Advenica is a well-established provider of high level IT security components to armed forces and government agencies. Our standard products are used for encrypted communication and for cross-domain connectivity.

Our customers place high and stringent demands on our equipment. It must be able to function in extreme operational conditions, and for example manage communication over low-quality radio, over several satellite hops as well as over standard high-quality fibre and electrical infrastructure.

All processes, from development to production and testing, are strictly controlled by the Swedish NCSA, and all staff are carefully vetted.

When building our equipment, we are acutely aware of the importance of quality and reliability that we put into it, as the equipment is used in active military installations, in government systems managing highest level of confidentiality, and in security and intelligence organisations.

Future-proof technology

Advenica delivers to system environments with the highest demands on confidentiality and integrity, where competing national states are continuously active in signals intelligence against our customers’ communications. Our challenge is therefore not only to deliver a system that withstands these activities today, but also over time.

One very clear example is our VPN-technology, which is specifically designed to maintain confidentiality of communicated data for many years to come.

Quantum Secure VPN

VPN traffic is continuously collected by various governments, and attempts are made to break encryption to gain access to national confidential information, both current and historical. With the coming advent of quantum computers, a large amount of historic information will become accessible, due to the weaknesses of the majority of installed systems.

This means that years of communicated traffic, which has been recorded by adversaries, will become available to these.

To protect against this weakness, Advenica only delivers VPN technology which is protected against Quantum computer attacks. As discussed in the White Paper “Cryptography in a Quantum Age, Advenica VPN products uses key exchange methodology that ensures that quantum computer attacks cannot be successful.

The threat of the administrator

“What three people know, the world knows”,

as the old saying goes. Communicating classified information over VPN or separation technology traditionally means that three parties potentially have access to the information; the two parties who are communicating, and the administrator managing the technology.

Increasing the number of people who are exposed to sensitive information, in this case in the form of administrators, is not only a security risk, it is also costly in a number of ways, as administrators need to be security-classed at high levels, etc, which adds complexity.

Advenica has long recognised this issue, and have introduced patented technology which eliminates this risk, under the name “Three Domain Separation” into our range of VPN products.

This completely eliminates any risk that the administrator can access sensitive information when using our VPN products. Although managed in a different way, the same principle underlines the administrative function in the SecuriCDS ZoneGuard domain separation technology.


The products provided by Advenica have, in one form or another, been born out of customer development projects.

Our company is, to a great extent, made up by development engineers. This provides us with a unique position to take on development projects within the cyber security field for customers within armed forces or government agencies.

All development is handled under the strictest controls on both staff and materials, with strict sectioning as one of the internal defences.

We therefore invite you to discuss your potential development project with us.

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